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How To String An Electric Guitar

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Knowing how to replace a string on your electric guitar is one of the crucial maintenance skills that every guitarist should learn. Don't worry, it's really quite easy.

It's better not to replace all strings at once, because this can cause damage to the neck of the guitar. You should replace one string at a time.

What do you need? Basically, all that you need are new strings, wire cutters, and a bit of your time. A string winder and guitar tuner can also come in handy, but you can do without them. It should take roughly about five minutes to replace one string.

Stringing An Electric Guitar

Here is how you do it:
  1. Remove the old string. Unwind the tuning mechanism and pull the string from the guitar. This should be pretty straightforward.

  2. Install the new string. A string will have a ball end and a plain end. Insert the plain end through the bridge. Run it up the neck and into the hole in the tuning post. Leave some slack in the string so that you can wind it two or three times around the post. Make sure each new wind will go downwards.

  3. Stretch the string and tune it. Use wire cutters to cut off the excess string. And that's about it.
Okay, video tells more than a thousand words, so here is a nice step by step video tutorial on how to string an electric guitar. Enjoy: