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Guitar Apprentice – You Will Love This

The best way to learn guitar is to learn and practice the songs you really enjoy, the songs that mean something to you. But learning from tabs can be quite slow and tedious. Guitar Apprentice to the rescue:

Okay, so what is Guitar Apprentice? It's a video training system that takes the guitar part of hit songs and breaks them into easy portions so that they're as painless to learn as a video game. It's like Guitar Hero, but with a real guitar. How cool is that?

You start out playing only a tiny portion of the guitar part, while Guitar Apprentice plays the rest. As you improve, you gradually increase your portions of the guitar part. By the time you reach the highest level, you'll be playing the entire song!

You will learn popular rock songs like: "Shine," "Sharp Dressed Man," "Can't Buy Me Love"... and many more!

Those who always wanted to learn guitar will no longer have an excuse.

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